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This article focuses on features. If you're new to Steam trading you should check this one out first.

Getting started, what do I need to do?

In order to use this site, you will have to log in. If you choose to use Steam OpenID, no registration is required. You will get redirected to Steamcommunity login page, where you log in using your Steam credentials. No sensitive Steam information is provided to us except your community id.

If you'd rather not use those for whatever reason, you'll need to register with the site and create a Steamexchange account and log in using that.

In order to create a Steamexchange account, you will need a valid Steamcommunity account, so we can associate the two accounts. This is to prevent spam trades.

I want to start trading. How do I do that?

To start trading, log in and click on the New trade button. You can find it in the user menu on the right.

You will see items in your inventory on the left, with two additional items, Offers and Game items. Use those to tell people you're also trading items from games, such as Team fortress 2 or that you're willing to offer a game not currently in your inventory. When you click on an item, the background will change to a dark green color. This item will now be part of the trade. If you wish to remove it from trade, click it again.

Items you are looking for are on the right, under the You want heading. Use the search field above to add a game you want. Start typing and pick the game from the popup. It will be added the game to the list. If you added something but have changed your mind, click it again to remove it.

Add a comment and click the Publish trade button to finish the trade.

You can not add the same trade twice. If you want to bump your trade, you can use the bump feature (available when viewing trade details) which will bump your trade to the top of the list. You can only do that once per 8 hours. Removing and opening another identical trade for the purpose of bumping is discouraged. While technically not against the rules, if this will happen a lot, rules will be changed.

I see a trade I like. How do I make an offer?

You can make an offer to a trade by clicking the Make offer button that appears in trade details. It is located in the user info section, above the items in the trade.

As when making trades, items in your inventory are on the left while items the trader is offering are on the right. Pick the items you want to trade by clicking them. Their background color will change to dark green to indicate they are now part of the offer. Clicking them again will remove them from the offer.

Don't forget to pick the items the trader offered as well.

You will notice a Sum worth box under each section (the two sections being games you are trading away and games you are getting). It displays the total value of all the games marked in each section. It should give you some general idea if the trade is balanced in terms of monetary value. But you shouldn't put too much emphasis on it as it based on the current value, not taking past sales and such into account. Besides, if you're getting rid of the games you don't want and are getting games you do want, it's a good deal, right?

Write down a comment (or not) for the trader to see and click the Make offer button.

How do I see offers for me by others?

You will receive an automated message every time someone makes you an offer. The list of offers for you can be seen by clicking the View offers for you button in your user menu. To accept or reject an offer you must view it's details and click on the Accept offer or Refuse offer button.

Leaving a comment explaining you decision is always a good idea, especially if you refused the offer. It gives the other trader some feedback and maybe you'll get a better offer from him.

How do I see offers I made to others?

You will see offers made by you by clicking on the View offers by you button in your user menu. This is also where you can see the status of your offers. It is indicated by these icons:

You will also get an automated private message every time a trader has changed the status (accepted or rejected) of your offer and if you have provided your email, you will also get an email informing you about it.