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TODO list

This is a little TODO list of (some) of the features to come:

New look (added February 25th 2012)

The most obvious change. While not a small change, most things are at the same place, they just look different. You shouldn't really have problems finding your way around.

Trade matching (added February 25th 2012)

You can find this new feature under the New trade item in your user menu.

How it works is, it will check for games in your inventory and offer you a list of trades where people are looking for these games. The list is ordered by the date of publishing and contains active trades only.

Proper private messages (added February 25th 2012)

Private messages were available before, but they were somewhat limited. While you could use your imagination to send PMs to users, the limitations have now been lifted and proper PM support has been implemented.

Closing trades (added February 25th 2012)

Trades can now be closed. Once a trade is closed, it will no longer appear on the list of latest trades, but will still appear in the list of trades by a particular user.

Closed trades also do not accept offers anymore.

Why would you close a trade rather than remove it? Because removing your trade will remove it completely, reducing your stats, closing it won't. Stats might be important as some people might use them to determine if you're a trustworthy trader. So close your trades, don't remove them.

Currently the only "stat" is the number of trades a user has published. We will add more statistics in the future with the intention to help users identify trustworthy traders and potential scamers.

Offer value (added February 25th 2012)

When reviewing and making offers you can now see the total value of games on both sides of the offer. The value used is the current value of the game. This means the total value changes over time, as games get cheaper, go on sales etc.

Easier feedback (added February 25th 2012)

A feedback form has been added to the user menu under the Send feedback link. It should simplify sending bug reports and such.

Editing and bumping offers (added December 10th 2011)

Trades can now be edited. There is also a Bump link that will bump your trade. It can only be used if the trade is older than 8 hours and editing your offer will auto bump it using the same rule (will only do so if the trade is older than 8 hours).

Commenting offer status change (added December 10th 2011)

You can now leave a comment when accepting or rejecting an offer. You can use this to tell the trader why you rejected the offer or when you will be available to trade...

Email notifications (added December 10th 2011)

We have added mail notifications to Steamexchange.com. If you wish to use this feature, visit your user control panel and click the show button next to the Change your email section. Type in your email and click the Change your email button.
Your email will be used to send you one of the following types of email:

You will receive no other kind of emails and your email address will not be shared with anyone.

Due to restrictions on hotmail's side, we can not send email to hotmail.com accounts. Sorry about that but it is entirely on their side, nothing we can do about it.

User reputation (added December 10th 2011)

User reputation is now available on Steamexchange.com. You can rep users by visiting their Steamexchange profile page and clicking the Leave rep button. Pick the type of feedback (positive/neutral/negative) in the form that pops up and leave a comment. Submit the feedback by clicking the Submit feedback button.

You are not limited to how many users you can rep, but you can only rep a specific user once in a 24 hour period. You can also remove your rep, but only if less than 60 minutes have passed since you gave the feedback.